The Studio


All creative work begins with a long study in the field. After hundreds of hours spent making sketches in zoos, stud farms, museums, and circuses, Michel BASSOMPIERRE has stored in his memory the volumes, plans, muscles, characteristics and spirit of each subject.

These sketches will turn into models. Clay lends itself particularly well to this work of research and analysis of forms. These small subjects will then be enlarged to make bronzes and marbles.

Michel BASSOMPIERRE also makes monumental sculptures from his models. The clay then gives way to polyurethane foam and plaster.

Raw materials

Michel BASSOMPIERRE takes special care in choosing his raw materials. He enjoys working with noble materials that have a durability that can be counted in thousands of years, such as Carrara marble. This type of marble has been known since Antiquity for its whiteness, which has little grain, and for its quality. His bronzes are edition, therefore numbered.