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Couverture de la monographie du sculpteur animalier Michel BASSOMPIERRESOMPIERRE


€ 70.00

Couverture de la monographie du sculpteur animalier Michel BASSOMPIERRE

It's decided: after fifty years of career, Michel BASSOMPIERRE takes the plunge with the publication of his first monograph. The time it takes for the artist to emerge from the shadows of his bears and gorillas to reveal to the light the extent of the work that led his life.
The two hundred pages that make up the publication offer to follow the thread of an artistic journey through a selection of archives, sketches, photographs and texts.
A rare and precious breakthrough in the intimacy of the artist who opens the door to his world: an ode to the savage of intense beauty.

This monograph, which unveils a unique study on the work of Michel BASSOMPIERRE, is aimed at all audiences, from amateurs of the artist to nature lovers, from art buffs to novices, curious to open their eyes to contemporary animal art.

A monograph for a jubilee

Preface by Nicolas HULOT,

Edition Albin Michel, in his prestigious fine books department.

Croquis de gorille du sculpteur animalier Michel BASSOMPIERRE
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