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"Sculpt the living"

On the occasion of Environment Day on June 5 and as part of the Fragiles Colosses exhibition, the National Museum of Natural History is offering a unique event.

Bears, great apes, and cetaceans make us aware of the beauty of nature and question us about their preservation. While the sculptor Michel BASSOMPIERRE realizes some works live, intertwine around him, readings, sound effects, music, zoomorphic performances and exchanges to explore animality and the living. When naturalistic observations and scientific data alert us to the urgency of preserving their habitats. It's time to act !

With the participation of :

- Sabrina Krief , primatologist, founder of the association Project for the conservation of great apes

- Rémy Marion, naturalize, bear specialist

- François Sarano (page) , oceanographer, Longitude 181

- the Standing Monkey Company.

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